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Lawn Care

Do you have children involved in activities, a golf membership calling your name, or a spouse who you can’t convince to get off the couch? Spend your time doing the activities you love and let us take care of the chore that eats away at your time.
We offer weekly and biweekly lawn care – Starting at $45
Our weekly and biweekly lawn care services typically start after the May long weekend and continue through to the first week of October. The start and stop times for this service may vary due to weather.
  • Weekly starting @ $45/cut
  • Biweekly starting @ $55/cut
  • Corner and pie lots cost more
Holiday Lawn Care – Starting at $55
Many clients take advantage of our holiday lawn care when they go away on vacation.
Additional Information
We recommend all of our clients to water regularly providing they sign up for weekly lawn care. If watering regularly is not possible, biweekly lawn care may be more suitable for your needs. Regardless of weekly or biweekly care, we recommend that all clients receive weekly services in May and June because of the amount of rain we receive in Calgary. After the wet months are over we can switch to biweekly lawn care for July, August, September and October. However, the majority of our clients prefer weekly services in order to maintain pristine properties.


One of the most despised jobs in the garden happens to be one of our favorites.
There are few things as rewarding as taking a garden overrun with weeds and removing all hindrances (weeds) from it to expose the natural beauty underneath. Not to mention that a freshly weeded flower bed will go great with your freshly cut lawn!
We recommend getting your beds weeded every 2-3 weeks so that your beautiful city refuge does not turn into a dandelion and thistle jungle.
Not interested in having some one come by and weed the beds consistently, then you can also have us come in and install landscape fabric and mulch to deter weed growth as well as preserve moisture in the ground to help your plants flourish even when it is hot and dry.
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Fertilizing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and lush lawn.
We have been using professional fertilizers for many years. These fertilizers are a balanced formula of nitrogen, potash, sulfur, and phosphate. Nitrogen stimulates growth and makes your lawn green. Potash, sulfur, and phosphate help to stimulate root development and increase the growth in your lawn to make it lush. This balanced formula makes this fertilizer effective for spring, summer and fall applications.
4 applications are needed: once every 6 weeks.
Spring Application x1
Summer Application x2 (once in June and once in August)
Fall Application x1
Common Questions:
Q: Why does it look like the fertilizer was applied sparsely?
A: The fertilizer company changed the colour of the granules in 2014 from white, grey and pink, to white, brown and grey. Thus, the brown and grey granules, essentially 2/3 of the spread blend in with the grass.
Q: How soon do I need to water?
A: After application of fertilizer it is recommended to wait 24 hours before watering to allow the granules to seep into the soil without getting washed away. This is especially important on lawns that are sloped.
Q: Is the fertilizer child and pet safe?
A: The fertilizer does not have a child and pet safe label on it. However, we have been using this product for eight years and we have never had an issue with children or pets. If you have a concern we recommend waiting 24 hours before letting your kids or pets onto the lawn.
Q: Do you offer organic fertilizer?
A: We do offer organic fertilizer at an increased cost upon request.

Softscape Landscaping

Do you have a vision that you would like to see actualized, but the cost or look of hardscaping is not what you want? Let us help you bring your vision to reality with softscape landscaping!
Softscape landscaping refers to the elements of landscaping that comprises live, horticulture elements and smaller stone or mulch elements. Softscaping can include: flowers, plants, shrubs, trees and flower beds as well as the material that would cover those beds. We specialize in softscape landscaping, including: design of flower beds, planting trees, shrubs, and flowers.
Going from vision to reality can include:
  • Installing flower beds
  • Planting trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals
  • Mulching
  • Xeriscaping
  • Lawn Installations
  • Removal of perennials, shrubs, and trees
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Most pruning is completed in the fall prior to the winter to help promote growth the following spring. There are some select plants that require pruning in the spring.
Some clients who prefer to maintain pristine properties will prune semi-annually, once in the summer and once in the fall, especially with fast growing bushes. An annual prune is generally sufficient for most garden needs.
No matter what your needs are, we have you covered!
Pruning Lilacs:
There is an exception to these rules though: lilacs! Lilacs start to grow new blooms as soon as the old ones die and fall off, so in order to maximize your blooms for next year, it is important to make sure you prune them as soon as they are done blooming. You can always prune them back at any time, however it is likely that you will be cutting off next years flowers.
When we come by to prune, we include in the cost hauling away all the clippings. We dispose of them at the compost section of the landfill to be reclaimed as mulch or soil later on.
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Fall Clean Up

Allow yourself the ability to enjoy the fall colors without the tedious job of picking up the leaves. Let us take care of this job for you with our high-powered backpack blowers and our vacuum-like mowers.
Did you know:
Thanks to the City of Calgary Composting Program we are able to help reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions by removing the organic materials from your yard. According to the City of Calgary, Yard waste makes up almost a quarter of the garbage from an average home, taking up landfill space and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. The Leaf & Pumpkin Composting program routinely brings in more than two million kilograms material that would otherwise end up in the landfill.
When waste is compacted tightly in the landfill, it’s starved of oxygen so it can’t biodegrade into soil, compost or anything useful. Instead, it releases carbon dioxide and methane gas – a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.
When you have us compost your leaves we are helping to:
  • Decrease dependence on our landfills
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Turn waste into nutrient-rich compost
  • Help collection crews during peak times of the year
Snow Removal
With winter comprising half of the year in Calgary, we want to make sure that you are well taken care of during this season.
We offer winter contracts, monthly contracts, and holiday contracts.