Global Hope

Our services and impact may be local, but our vision is global.
The owners, Sarah and Chad Cena, believe in giving back to those in need. For many years, Sarah has traveled to Rwanda, Africa with a team of women from Calgary through Hopethiopia to help women that have chosen to come out of prostitution. In a typical two-week duration the team counsels the women in their humble homes, believes in them, and provides long-term support in their new business endeavours. The women are placed in a training school where they are learning to sew and/or style hair. Chad also has done trips to Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Sierra Leone.
The women are each sponsored $100/month, mostly by Calgarians, which covers their food, rent, school fees for children, training school fees, and health care. Since the first team went in 2012, 40 women (ten per year) have been counselled, sponsored, filled with hope and given the ability to dream again, and provided skills to help them achieve their dreams. The transformation in these women year-over-year is incredible! For more information about Hopethiopia and other projects please see the Hopethiopia Facebook page and website. By choosing Alpine Vista Landscapes Inc. as your service provider your money is helping to change the lives of women halfway around the world.
We have also recently partnered with Freedom Tree!
Written Testimonies:
“It is with much gratitude that Hopethiopia writes a letter of support for Alpine Vista.The extraordinary owners and team members of Alpine Vista have supported Hopethiopia and Hopethiopia / Rwanda for a number of years. They have shown such a high level of commitment that they have even travelled many thousands of miles to participate and support the projects, in time and funding, on the ground in both Ethiopia and Rwanda. Alpine Vista believes in helping others to achieve their greatest potential in a kind, caring, and very generous manner.
With many thanks.”
Dr. Ralph Dubienski
Co-founder and International Director
“Sarah and Chad Cena are not only passionate about establishing a thriving business in Alberta, they are also very intent on ensuring they give back wherever they can. Particularly they have been great supporters over the years of our work at Freedom Tree. Chad has even taken the time to travel the many miles to Sierra Leone, to volunteer his time working with the men in the villages to see the levels of maternal and infant mortality reduced.
Their commitment and support has proved invaluable.”
Tara Johnson
President and Founder
Freedom Tree