Local Hope

Our services are local, and so is our impact.
You may have likely seen the slogan we put on our equipment and our advertisements: “Give hope. Get your weekends.”. This is not just a reference to how overwhelming landscaping can feel, but it is also a reference to how we support our employees. Landscaping is a seasonal service, and because of that we have been blessed with the opportunity of hiring people who have mountains to overcome: those who are in school, fresh out of school and don’t know what to do, and those who have been laid off and are trying to figure out the next step for their career and lives. A job can give hope.
The fear of not having enough and the how that can feel combined with not having clear direction is not a fun experience. So in providing employment for those in these situations, and in training them to provide you with excellent service, we give hope to them as well as give you your weekends. So thank you to all our long time and recent clients! Because of you, we have been able to partner with many persons in difficult phases of life and support them through it. See below for are some written testimonies from previous employees.
We also support a local cleaning company (we do the outside, they do the inside). The owner is a great friend of ours and is just as keen about “giving hope” to others as we are, however, the group of people she is after supporting is slightly different than ours. Please check out Hope Cleaning for great deals on interior cleaning and to learn more about another great company!
Written Testimonies:
“My experience working for Alpine Vista Landscaping was an incredible one. My brother was working for the company at the time and with missing workers Chad and Sarah asked if I was able to work during a single day during spring cleanups. I was immediately accepted into what felt more like a team then a landscaping company. Every morning started in a kitchen instead of an office which made it so much easier to feel comfortable in my new environment. Work was tough, but the men and women I worked with made each day very enjoyable. My favorite parts had to be the mornings where Chapel was held in the kitchen; learning not only about my relationship with God but very deeply about one another. I also enjoyed the barbeques we had where after a long day of work we got to relax with friends, talk and eat. AVL has created an incredible work environment where a bunch of strangers with very little in common become a family. ”
Current Employee (2018-2019)
“I’ve worked a couple of different landscaping jobs, but Alpine Vista was the only one I returned to. Working the past two summers at AVL has been both a pleasure and a blessing for me. Because of the variety of projects Sarah booked, I was able to learn so much about landscaping and landscape design. It almost seems too good to be true that I got to work a job I genuinely loved, and be able to finance my post secondary education, all at once! All that being said, my favourite thing about AVL was the crew’s family-like vibe that made work feel like play, early morning crew breakfasts so worth it, and after work BBQ’s so joyful.With many thanks.”
Previous employee (2013-2015)
“AVL is a great place to work because it feels like family: when I come to work, I am treated with respect and trust, and sometimes I even score a cup of coffee before heading out into the field. Aside from the coffee, AVL has also provided me with opportunities to challenge myself. For example, on my second day of work last summer, I was handed the keys to the canopy truck; since I had never driven anything of that size before, it was a fairly steep learning curve! In addition, I learned how to operate machinery, complete landscaping tasks, and work in the office. Finally, AVL cares about the personal development of their employees. Once a week, we gather for an hour to work on leadership skills. Despite the fact that I usually worked alone, I was able to use these skills later in the year. So, if you choose to use AVL, be assured that you’ll become a part of the family and receive the same care and respect that I have.”
Current Employee (2016-2019)
“I was a part of the Alpine Vista team for the summer of 2016, and I can’t speak of high enough praises for the business and its leadership. Not only was it simply a great place to work and spend a summer, Alpine Vista created an environment and community for me to grow and develop in many different areas of life. Between weekly chapel meetings and learning from our leadership in the day to day I was able to learn how valuable great leadership is in a company and how it can push a business forward and motivate myself and others as employees. Alpine Vista always went the extra mile to take care of me not only in the work environment but outside of work as well, making sure my car stayed on the road, giving me time to visit family and building into me and encouraging me in my dreams and passions for the future. I’ll always be proud to be a part of the Alpine Vista family.”
Previous Employee (2016)
“Working with AVL has been a very positive experience for me. What has impacted me the most have been the people I have worked with, as it feels like a family. There are high-quality and amazing people on the team – starting at the top. Chad and Sarah are both solid, wholehearted, and passionate people who truly care about their staff, in every way. The employees that work here are the best in the business and I have had the opportunity to have spent time working with each of them. The combined, unique differences each of us brings to AVL creates a strong, unified, and powerful team dynamic. Thank you to our client’s who have entrusted us to improve the exterior aesthetics of one of your greatest assets, your home. ”
Previous Employee (2015-2016)