Fertilizing is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and lush lawn.

 We have been using professional fertilizers for many years.  These fertilizers are a balanced formula of nitrogen, potash, sulfur, and phosphate. Nitrogen stimulates growth and makes your lawn green. Potash, sulfur, and phosphate help to stimulate root development and increase the growth in your lawn to make it lush. This balanced formula makes this fertilizer effective for spring, summer and fall applications.

4 applications are needed: once every 6 weeks.

Spring Application x1

Summer Application x2 (once in June and once in August)

Fall Application x1

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Common Questions:

Q: Why does it look like the fertilizer was applied sparsely?
A: The fertilizer company changed the colour of the granules in 2014 from white, grey and pink, to white, brown and grey. Thus, the brown and grey granules, essentially 2/3 of the spread blend in with the grass.

Q: How soon do I need to water?
A: After application of fertilizer it is recommended to wait 24 hours before watering to allow the granules to seep into the soil without getting washed away. This is especially important on lawns that are sloped.

Q: Is the fertilizer child and pet safe?
A: The fertilizer does not have a child and pet safe label on it. However, we have been using this product for eight years and we have never had an issue with children or pets. If you have a concern we recommend waiting 24 hours before letting your kids or pets onto the lawn.

Q: Do you offer organic fertilizer?
A: We do offer organic fertilizer at an increased cost upon request.