Do you have children involved in activities, a golf membership calling your name, or a spouse who you can’t convince to get off the couch? Spend your time doing the activities you love and let us take care of the chore that eats away at your time.

We offer weekly and biweekly lawn care – Starting at $45

Our weekly and biweekly lawn care services typically start after the May long weekend and continue through to the first week of October. The start and stop times for this service may vary due to weather.

  • Weekly starting @ $45/cut

  • Biweekly starting @ $55/cut

  • Corner and pie lots cost more

Holiday Lawn Care – Starting at $55

Many clients take advantage of our holiday lawn care when they go away on vacation.

Call now to get your quote and get scheduled in.

Additional Information

We recommend all of our clients to water regularly providing they sign up for weekly lawn care. If watering regularly is not possible, biweekly lawn care may be more suitable for your needs. Regardless of weekly or biweekly care, we recommend that all clients receive weekly services in May and June because of the amount of rain we receive in Calgary. After the wet months are over we can switch to biweekly lawn care for July, August, September and October. However, the majority of our clients prefer weekly services in order to maintain pristine properties.