Hardscaping Landscaping

Do you have a vision for a natural environment to come budding out of your suburban property? Are you tired of the Jones family having everything? Or is it simply time to have your yard looking finished?
We can help bring that vision into reality! We have years of hardscape landscaping experience in Calgary and know what plants work, which ones don’t, and overall what looks good and how to make it last in our climate! Regardless of the size of the project, we would love to help you find a way to get things looking the way you want them to.
The other services we provide are as follows:
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Retaining Walls:
whether it is simply making a raised flower bed, making a level playing area out of that ski-slope of a back yard or adding a beautiful feature to your home, we have the experience and the resources to get it done. Working with over three distributors and manufactures we can find you the products and design you are looking for and get it installed without the heartache of wondering if it will stand the test of time or not.
Patios and Walkways:
In my experience, there are few things more inviting to a back yard than a beautifully finished patio! Oh course a pool would be more inviting, but only for like the 4 weeks of hot weather we get here in Calgary! We work with a number of manufactures so we can easily find you the style you are looking for. Whether it is natural stone, or concrete bricks (or concrete bricks that look like natural stone!), we have experience installing all of it.
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Special Features:
We would also be happy to help you with any special features you may be looking to put in your yard whether they be simple fountains, fire pits, brick BBQ islands, or a large rock feature. We have the ability and know how to get it done!