Most pruning is completed in the fall prior to the winter to help promote growth the following spring. There are some select plants that require pruning in the spring.

Some clients who prefer to maintain pristine properties will prune semi-annually, once in the summer and once in the fall, especially with fast growing bushes. An annual prune is generally sufficient for most garden needs.

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Pruning Lilacs:

There is an exception to these rules though: lilacs! Lilacs start to grow new blooms as soon as the old ones die and fall off, so in order to maximize your blooms for next year, it is important to make sure you prune them as soon as they are done blooming. You can always prune them back at any time, however it is likely that you will be cutting off next years flowers.

When we come by to prune, we include in the cost hauling away all the clippings. We dispose of them at the compost section of the landfill to be reclaimed as mulch or soil later on.